Par Funding Receivership Website

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Complete Business Solutions Group, Inc., et al.

Case No. 20-cv-81205-RAR

United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Receiver Reports

The Court has directed the Receiver to provide and file Quarterly Status Reports within thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar quarter. The Quarterly Status Reports will contain, among other information: (a) a summary of the operations of the Receiver; (b) the amount of cash on hand, the amount and nature of accrued administrative expenses, and the amount of unencumbered funds in the estate; (c) a schedule of all the Receiver’s receipts and disbursements, (d) a description of all known Receivership Property; (e) a description of liquidated and unliquidated claims held by the Receivership Estate; (f) a list of all known creditors with their addresses and the amounts of their claims; (g) the status of Creditor Claims Proceedings, after such proceedings have been commenced; and (h) the Receiver’s recommendations for a continuation or discontinuation of the receivership and the reasons for the recommendations.

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