Securities and Exchange Commission v. Complete Business Solutions Group, Inc., et al.

Case No. 20-cv-81205-RAR

United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

List of Receivership Entities

In the Amended Receivership Order, the Court has appointed the Receiver in this position as receiver over the following entities:
  • Complete Business Solutions Group, Inc. d/b/a Par Funding
  • Full Spectrum Processing, Inc.
  • LLC d/b/a A Better Financial Plan
  • ABFP Management Company, LLC f/k/a Pillar Life Settlement Management Company, LLC
  • ABFP Income Fund, LLC
  • ABFP Income Fund 2, L.P.
  • ABFP Income Fund 3, LLC
  • ABFP Income Fund 4, LLC
  • ABFP Income Fund 6, LLC
  • ABFP Income Fund Parallel LLC
  • ABFP Income Fund 2 Parallel
  • ABFP Income Fund 3 Parallel
  • ABFP Income Fund 4 Parallel
  • ABFP Income Fund 6 Parallel
  • ABFP Multi-Strategy Investment Fund LP
  • ABFP Multi-Strategy Fund 2 LP
  • MK Corporate Debt Investment Company LLC
  • United Fidelis Group Corp.
  • Fidelis Financial Planning LLC
  • Retirement Evolution Group, LLC
  • RE Income Fund LLC
  • RE Income Fund 2 LLC

The Receiver will update this list in the event the Court expands the Amended Receivership Order to include additional entities within the scope of the Receivership Entities.

* Note: On September 4, 2020, the Court entered an Order expanding the receivership to include ABFP Multi-Strategy Investment Fund LP; ABFP Multi-Strategy Fund 2 LP; and MK Corporate Debt Investment Company LLC as additional Receivership Entities.